Sibling Series: Noha & Omar

Kicking off our Sibling Series are Omar and Noha. An endearing pair with a deeply beautiful bond. They share their story of how Love was always enough.

In this interview, they invite us to gather round as they reflect upon the heart warming essence of their companionship. To both of them, Love was the scaffolding to their childhood,  supporting the foundations of mercy and contentment. Love was the source by which their thrilling adventures of mischief and imagination were fuelled. Love created teachers of sustenance and forgiveness, unknowing of the lessons they would soon provide to eager hearts. Noha was a teacher to Omar; one of compassion and goodness, of pureness and of kindness. But Noha was also a student to Omar's bountiful lessons- for Love is a magnificent paradox that feeds and grows in sequence and in chaos. They illustrate how Love built a Home for their childhood, and how that very same childhood nurtured the relationships and connections they would later grow to make as separate individuals. 

What’s a memory that captures your sibling’s essence to you?

Noha: My favorite memory of Omar goes back to when we were kids and we lived in Saudi. Omar and my sister were my closest friends. Omar used to have this toy car that he would get inside, I would tie a skipping rope to it and I would run dragging him across the street. This was my favorite game with him because it made him so happy. Even though this was very tiring for me the feeling of him being joyful made it all worth it.

Omar: When we were kids our mom had this prayer scarf, the type that has a hole just for the face, we still have it. When we looked at the scarf recently we realized how tiny it is but when we were kids it was huge to us. Noha and I would both get under it and we’d run under tables hiding from monsters. We’d both peep through the hole where the face fits and look out to see if any monsters were coming. 

I was digging deep into my memory the other day and remembered the name of the game. We made up the name, it was called ‘bikhisao’.

Noha: When Omar reminded me of this word it took me back, it dug up something I had completely forgotten. I don’t know why that random word did something to me. I think the common thread in these stories for us is that, when you’re with your family it’s such a deep bond and connection that it doesn’t matter what you’re missing out on all that matters is what’s happening in the moment. With family we are truly the most pure form of ourselves and accepted.

Omar: Noha introduced me to what being kind, fun, and loving are at a young age.

What does love mean to you?

Omar: Love is unconditional selflessness

Noha: To me loving someone means loving them for everything they are despite what they make you feel, regardless of what they can offer you.

Love has nothing to do with what they can give or not give you.

Love is acceptance through everything.

Love is selfless, it’s taking someone as they are.

Describe your sibling in 5 words?

Noha: The two words that capture who Omar is to me are strength and survival. Omar makes me feel like I can go through anything and everything will be ok.

I would also say persistence, resilience, and kindness.

Omar: I would describe Noha as selfless, kind, forgiving, always seeking to share happiness.

Both Noha and Omar express the potency of Love: No matter the means, no matter the ends- Love was independent and needed no preparation; nor was it awaiting introduction or forms of decoration. Love has always had the freedom to be Love, Love has always had the capacity to liberate their hearts from any reservation- teaching them to live as such: resilient, selfless, kind and persistent. 

We learn from them how Love chose to transform a single moment into an everlasting memory; impressions engraved in the soul, guiding them to who they choose to be.  Their stories signify how Love acts as a bookmark; a point of reference, illuminating the words of every page it acknowledges with its grace. Love guards rationale and utter silliness seamlessly combined deep in hidden treasure chests, awaiting to be rediscovered- The legend of "Bikhisao" 

And so the journey of love continues, brother and sister with moments to last a lifetime. Sisters who would tire themselves to completion just to see a smile span across the face of their beloved. Brothers who would dig for jewels deep in the mines of their consciousness in order to rediscover a moment shared between just the two, serving as a profound gift of nostalgia and constant belonging. Love is unconditional. Love is selfless, Love accepts you as you are, no excuses and it is full of kindness: Love is both Omar and Noha.

Thank you Omar and Noha for sharing your beautiful truths, may your Love continue to nurture you in its residence.


Featuring: Omar (@omarmass95) & Noha Massoud (@nohatm)

Photographer: Marwan (@marwanonthemoon)

Author: Zinab Keshk (@breatheinbeautiful)



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