Sibling Series: Hala & Mihad

Next up on the Sibling Series are Mihad and Hala: A duo of stunning solidarity and endearing loyalty.
In this interview, they share their portions of nostalgia and unpack the guidance revealed by authentic, homegrown love.

Hala and Mihad celebrate their values; the roles that connection, selflessness, and sentiment play in the field of Love. It is clear that here, Love is a verb; a process beyond emotion - it is an active state of being. They speak of rituals created in the front room of their childhood, ones that blossom into legacies, a place of reference and residence. Mihad and Hala practice the art of giving without reservation, and awaiting no expectation for personal gain. Their stories emulate the beauty of duty and respect, and how one must take care of the shelter we provide for such a feeling of family to reside. This Love is responsible, creative and innate all at once.

What is a memory that defines your sibling to you?

Hala: My favorite memory would prabably be when we were younger, evening tea was a ritual so we'd get biscuits from the shop downstairs and we'd watch Pokémon together, and i would hate it if I missed the theme song, so Mihad would always call me to catch the theme song together. That tradition encompasses our relationship.

Mihad: The most beautiful memory of hala was her very first day of school, ever. I remember my mom telling me I need to take care of her, I remember her outfit being bigger than her, "she'll grow into it" is what my parents used to say... The outfit in itself was hilarious, she had these shoulder pads that stuck out, it made her look like an army marshal! This memory sticks out because it was the first time I felt like I had to take care of someone, our school was really tiny so I would pass by her class and see if she was alright everytime I went to drink water 

Define love:

Hala: Selflessness, caring about the other person as much as you care about yourself, I think love has a lot of meanings but this is the constant in all of them.

Mihad: It's similar to me, wanting for the person whatever I want for myself.

Describe your sibling in 5 words:

Hala: Funny, responsible, eloquent, hardworking and reliable 

Mihad: Fiery, emotional, caring, funny, and creative

Here, Love deemed Mihad a protector to his new little sister, and therein he found Hala; an unexpected coolness to his eyes. Love is beautiful and knowing. And just like Hala's uniform: "you'll grow into it" is the practice of their everblooming gratitude. Love is where they push their boundaries of appreciation  Love is trial without error, with hope forever rising. Love is where they would easily overachieve if their hearts so to decide. Love is a pleasant surprise.

And now they still carry that honour; A Love which many would call "amaanah" - a sacred safekeeping or promise made, but one needless of any conditioned oath. 

They reminisce about a Love that is funny and wise: the memory of a little girl drowning in her oversized school uniform, with the promise of rising up to the occasion of its size. An obligation of care, a commitment to TV show companionship, a police marshal and the profound acknowledgement that Love has finally arrived.

Here we learn of big brothers fulfilling a duty of care: Mihad looking out for his sister, her safety and contentment equating to peace of mind. But we also learn a truth of Love's undeniable duality: Hala all the while feeding the warmth of his heart; throwing colours and light into the undiscovered corners of its chambers.

They understand a Love that gives and takes, but here the balance is irrelevant, because they learn that Love comes not with terms nor conditions, no reservations and no revisions. This is Love that is accepting and knowledgeable, a Love that is easy to get but not to understand. A Love that is both sister and brother: This Love is Hala and Mihad.

Thank you Mihad and Hala for sharing your heart warming memories. May Love continue to educate your minds about the beauty your souls inherently posses.


Models: Hala (@halakashif) & Mihad (@mkashifian)

Photographer: Marwan (@marwanonthemoon)

Author: Zinab Keshk (@breatheinbeautiful)

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